Watt Bike

watt-bike-image“British Cycling prides itself as an organisation that operates on the cutting edge, and in Wattbike we have the perfect partner. We share the same vision, and values. Together, we have developed a piece of equipment that will support us in everything from increasing participation in the sport to underpinning our World Class Pathways and International success. The Wattbike will provide a positive benefit to every level of the sport by linking indoor and outdoor cycling and helping us continue to make a substantial contribution to the health, education, participation and performance agendas”.

Peter King, Former CEO British Cycling

Interested in improving your cycling?

We can help.....
Assessment of pedalling efficiency
Measurement of maximal heart rate and power output
Indoor training sessions

Training programs based on performance measurements of heart rate, power and pedalling efficiency.

"High level tool with accurate power and sophisticated pedalling analysis"

Bike Radar.

“Because of its valid and reliable capacity to measure important functional variables, and the fact that the rider can be precisely positioned on the bike, it is one of the most useful lower limb rehabilitation tools I have come across.  I regularly use this device for rehabilitating knees, hips and ankles”

Paul Candler (Biokineticist).