Meet The Team

To make a measureable impact on the health of our community by ensuring that as many people as possible understand and at the very least accrue the weekly minimum exercise requirements for wellness.

To provide affordable, expertly compiled fitness programs and excellent guidance to as many people as possible in a caring, fun and dynamic environment.


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Paul Candler
BA (Hons), M.Sc Human Kinetics (Rhodes)
Lisa Candler
BA (Hons) Human Kinetics (Rhodes)
Massage Therapist

 Kirsten Godfrey
BA Human Movement Sciences
BA (Hons) Biokintetics

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Xhanti Maseti
BA Human Movement Sciences
BSC (Hons) Biokintetics
Jenny Schultz Helen Sikhakhane
Cleaning Technician

Our Vision and Mission are fuelled by a passion to address the biggest public health problem of the 21st century, namely physical inactivity.

Did you know…….
Chronic non-communicable diseases account for more than two thirds of global mortality, and at least 50% of these deaths are preventable by means of lifestyle change (World Health Organisation 2012).

Over 50% of adult South Africans are considered to be inactive.  Compared with other regions and the global average, South African adults have a particularly high prevalence of physical inactivity (South African Medical Journal, 2007).